The Very Best Time to Consult a Social Security Disability Attorney

When you look for impairment advantages, the Social Security Administration gathers your medical records and other details to make a choice about your case. If you wish to apply for special needs advantages, think about employing a social security impairment lawyer. The procedure is more complicated than simply completing an application, and there is a list of benefits to having a lawyer at hand:

Advantages of Hiring A Lawyer

Even if you are simply thinking about the possibility, it’s constantly best to a minimum of seeking advice from a social security impairment lawyer. A lawyer can evaluate your case and inform you if you have a strong claim to the advantages. It is possible to submit the application yourself, nevertheless, having legal support in your corner increases your possibilities of a favorable result. A lawyer can move your case much faster, if you struggle with a terminal health problem or if you remain in a rocky monetary circumstance.


By federal law, a social security special needs lawyer can just charge 25% or less of your back payment. If your case goes to a federal court or the Appeal Council, expenses can increase. In addition, numerous companies have a rigorous policy that determines that if you do not win, you do not need to pay them.

What Are Back Payments?

Given that there is a lot of individuals applying for these type of advantages, it may take a very long time to process your application. There is a basic five-month waiting duration to process your claim. If the processing exceeds that, you are qualified to get a back payment. You might get the back payment anytime in between the day you use to the day the SSA chooses whether they will give you those advantages. Your payment will depend upon whether you acquire approval, the origins of the impairment, when you got advantages, and on the five-month compulsory waiting duration.

The Decision

The Social Security Administration will make a judgment on your claim based upon 5 aspects:

1) How much you presently make a month: If you make more than $1070 a month, you are not qualified for this program.

2) The intensity of your problems: In order to receive the program, your problems should not enable you to work physically or psychologically. The SSA examines impairments based upon a scale from “not extreme” to “incapacitating.”.

3) List of problems: The SSA has a main listing of disabilities and will compare your problems with that list. In order to be thought about handicapped, your condition should satisfy or surpass the requirements of the seriousness of that list.

4) Ability to do your task: The inspector needs to figure out if your condition permits you to do your task. If your condition avoids you from doing your task, you have a strong case on your hands.

5) Ability to do another task: The inspector needs to likewise identify if you can do another task. Your claim will be rejected if the SSA concludes that you’re in a steady psychological and physical condition, permitting you to do another kind of work.

Always remember that every case is various. If you would like to know more, seek advice from an expert.